Ep. 020 - Mozart’s Bastien und Bastienne

This week, we celebrate the first known performance of Mozart’s opera Bastien und Bastienne, which he composed when he was just 12 years old.

Included in this episode:  
We are sleepy, but Mozart is the only caffeine we need (who are we kidding, we need coffee). Dr. Franz Mesmer, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Pagliacci make appearances in this episode, and Tina sings a bit of Offenbach. We swear it’s all connected to Mozart somehow.  

Also included in this episode:
Gustav Holst, The Planets suite, and some beer we’ve been meaning to drink.



October 2018 Schedule: 

  • October 1st - Mozart’s Bastien und Bastienne

  • October 8th - Happy Birthday, Toru Takemitsu

  • October 15th - Pierrot Lunaire

  • October 22nd - Happy Birthday, Hikaru Hayashi

  • October 29th - Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony