Ep. 17 - Happy Anniversary, Clara and Robert Schumann

This week, we wish a very happy 178th wedding anniversary to Clara and Robert Schumann. 

Included in this episode:  
In 1830, 20 year old Robert Schumann moved in with his piano teacher and his teacher’s 11 year old piano prodigy daughter named Clara. A 10-year courtship, dad’s strong disapproval, and a drawn-out court case later, Robert and Clara were married on the 12th of September 1840.  

Also included in this episode:
A dirty diary, and Jon and Tina reveal their distaste for Robert Schumann's music. 



September 2018 Schedule: 

  • September 3rd - Classical Music Month

  • September 10th - Happy Anniversary, Clara and Robert Schumann

  • September 17th - Offenbach's La Belle Hélène

  • September 24th - God Save the King