Ep. 13 - Johann Nepomuk Maelzel, the man who patented the metronome

You thought metronomes were just a piano teacher’s favorite torture device. It turns out, they are still used to torture piano students worldwide, but with only the best of intentions...we wish the man who patented them had better intentions.

Included in this episode:
We know how to pronounce this guy’s name! Maelzel was not a great person, but he was a cunning businessman so we’ll give credit where it’s due, we plug an episode of another podcast, and we talk for longer than we thought we could about the virtues of the metronome.

Also included in this episode:
A chess-playing automaton once called Napoleon out for cheating. True story.

Not included in this episode:
Our intro/outro music (again. Sorry!) Also, Jon forgot to share his awesome metronome joke, so be sure to listen for that in next week’s follow-up.



August 2018 Schedule: 

  • August 6th - Happy Birthday, Ernesto Lecuona
  • August 13th - Johann Nepomuk Maelzel, the man who patented the metronome
  • August 20th - Happy Birthday, Leonard Bernstein pt. 1
  • August 27th - Happy Birthday, Lenny pt. 2